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Laboratory of ideas Incubator of dreams


What is Maravì?

Maravì is a community built by all those who live on art or are simply passionate about it and have a vision of union and exchange, which aims at the

reconstruction of well-being social, sensitivity, support, and professionalism. Born from a group of friends who have a strong desire to rebuild an impoverished cultural landscape in the last 20 years. The union of these minds, for the most part made of young people between 18 and 30 years, has led to the birth of small events, constant attempts that have led to the formation of something bigger, something that is able to revive the education to beauty, to respect for artistic work and its dissemination. This process, which began in the autumn of 2018, led to the birth of “Maravì” in 2020, a community determined to solve problems of its beloved you rra, Sicily, and to expand its vision all over the world.


Activities and workshops

Social support and development represent the fulcrum around which the activities proposed by the Association. Paths that accompany the person through sound, colors, movement and words for the fulfillment of a personal creative and therapeutic process. Art Therapy, Dance-Movement Therapy,

Music Therapy and Crafts are just some of the activities that can be carried out in our premises. A fruition of art within everyone's reach so that everyone can enjoy its multiple benefits.

Our artists

Maravì Association also aims to represent the artistic community of the territory. The primary purpose is to gather artists by protecting and enhancing their works, aiming for a national and international diffusion. Those who decide to insert their works within this space will share the proceeds of law in support of the artists with less strength within the Association, promoting concerts in the territory, event campaigns, creations of art places and artistic projects for the Sicilian panorama.

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