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"Life without music would be a mistake"

So says Nietzsche in his 'Twilight of the Idols', but this statement should be extended to the entire sphere of art, without that life would be devoid of all passion.
Nowadays, art is indeed within everyone's reach, in continuous evolution. Societies and ways of communicating are changing, but it continues to be there, and to constitute that untouchable world in which each of us can take refuge whenever we want.

There is a lack of art
Since 2018, the World Health Organisation has recorded a gradual increase in emotional disorders. Only in Italy, there were 1.3 million people suffering from depressive disorders (ISTAT, 2018) while today they are over three million. From 2020, see the contribution of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, there has been a further increase in cases, reaching more than 11% of adults. These figures show the population's real need for emotional well-being, a need that can be met by experiencing art and making art.

The power of Art Therapy

Maravì wants to build on this need for art in the population, providing a set of services that can fill this gap. The aim of the Maravì team is to develop a community of practitioners who work in synergy and who base their work on creative composition, the creation of well-being and the support relationship: a globality made up of different languages, experiences and professionalism.



so that the talents do not fade out over time, 
so that a fertile field can be created for the most intimate forms of expression, 
so that we can be re-educated in beauty,

by giving of ourselves in the name of a sense of humanity to be defended and preserved. 


Laura Percolla

Painter, artisan

Vittoria Torrisi

Dance-movement therapist

Roberta Raciti


Roberto Gambino

Copywriter, translator

Nando Siracusa

Manufacturer, artisan

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