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Gabriele Ricca

"Born and bred for art".


The father every idea would like to have. 

Gabriele began studying art and music at the age of ten. After finishing high school at the Liceo Classico in Acireale, he obtained a diploma in theory and solfeggio and piano studies at the Istituto dei Beni Superiori Musicali Vincenzo Bellini in Catania. He goes on to obtain a degree in electronic music, while experimenting with classical and jazz at the same time.

He specialised in music therapy, obtaining a Master's degree from the C.U.M.O. of Noto and the Gabriel Marcel Association. Finally, but only for the moment, still unsatisfied, he turned to Sound Engineering, completing his studies in Naples at the Ass. Spazio Musica and obtaining a Btec specialisation, in communication with the Higher Nationals Institute Pearson in London. Gabriele is certainly not a man who sits on his hands. Since art and creativity are always at the forefront, it is obvious that a personality like Gabriele's, in a situation like Sicily's, has found it difficult to express and give off his creative spirit. The idea of Maravì was born out of this lack. The idea of a 'workshop to produce oneself, in total freedom' is what drove Gabriele to carry out this project. Not only a workshop, but also a community of artists working closely together, engaged in continuous exchanges of ideas and mutual aid.

A living community, solid and well developed in every aspect and artistic/creative field. 


"There is a responsibility, a call that has been addressed to those who cross the path of beauty: simplicity, work and serenity.

The steps to rebuild the pieces of a broken society, the chance to be born again.

Life is wonderful and in your hands is the first step to Maravì".

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