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Gemme e Germogli

A brand born from the love of handicraft shared by the couple formed by Laura Percolla and Nando Siracusa, Gemme e Germogli unites under its name different techniques of working with metals, macramé and leather to create splendid accessories and objects with great attention to details.


Here below you will find links to their social channels where you can admire their creations.




Gemme e Germogli was born from the love for the beauty of small things.

The study of different manual and eclectic techniques has made Laura and Nando able to elaborate and realise unique artefacts, with attention and passion.


Leather: the flexibility of a material that allows you to play with shapes and colours to create something completely different and always surprising and unique.


Macramé: one knot, two knots, millions of knots, knitting as meditation, as growth and transformation of singularity into the complexity of the whole. 


Metal: a material with an ancient feel, with working techniques that are lost in the mists of time, bringing us into contact with our deep roots, with the fiercest part of our origins.

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