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Giuliana Mannino

An intrepid adventurer and curious observer of details, Giuliana turned to illustration in 2012 after graduating in Architecture. She began with massive wall drawings, collaborating with Ma and other venues in Catania and on the street, in Valverde, San Berillo and Carlentini, she was called upon to decorate doors and gates for the redevelopment of run-down areas and old town centres. A lover of travelling and often out of town, she is currently based in Catania, working as a graphic designer and illustrator and devotes her free time to both digital illustration and drawing on canvas. She has an Instagram page dedicated to her comic cartoons called "disegnini dalle nubi", which can be reached from the icon below.



The traveller's notebook, they bring back thoughts, images, sensations and become a photograph of an inner moment.



Drawings on walls made with a brush or felt-tip pen, white on black or black on white. Linear, simple and playful but with a strong visual impact, they always have a message underneath, of which there is no single reading by the artist, but the personal interpretation of the viewer. 

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