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Roberta Raciti

A talented designer and inexhaustible source of ideas, with an exceptional spirit and creative eye.

Her experience and studies in graphic design have led her to design several brands and brochures for companies, events and art exhibitions and, consequently, to specialise in the use of different graphic, page layout and illustration software such as Illustrator and InDesign.


Several initials linked together to form a single graphic sign.

It is a symbolic communicative artefact which allows a visual identity to be perceived/transmitted.

It can be the identifier of a corporate, institutional or personal brand.


Graphic design of a company brand, the main tool of the coordinated image.

It is a unique graphic object and relies entirely on its immediacy: a brand must be easily recognisable and therefore distinguishable from others, 

It must be simple, readable and have a strong impact.


Brochure aziendale di tipo promozionale e fanzine ideate per il progetto-spazio espositivo Opera Commos, legato al lavoro dell'Associazione Uber intorno al recupero di un'antica dimora settecentescha per fini socio-culturali.Promotional corporate brochure and fanzine designed for the Opera Commos project-exhibition space, linked to the work of the Uber Association on the recovery of an ancient eighteenth-century residence for socio-cultural purposes.


Personal work.

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