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Marco Salemi


A certified psychologist registered in the Sicilian Region, Marco's professional background includes the knowledge and experience necessary to treat and intervene on various issues and patients.

At a professional level, Marco deals mainly with learning disorders, new technologies and digital psychology, and conflicts in couples and families. 

His first contact with Maravì was through a different field of interest. Passionate about modelling and, since 2016, founding member of the "Wargaming Point Catania", thanks to this channel he meets the father of the association, Gabriele Ricca, who sees in him the opportunity to integrate Maravì with an expert figure both in the professional and in the hobby field. 

In 2020, he trained as a Web Marketer and Social Media Manager, skills that would make him the group's social reference point.

Within the association, in fact, he acts as a contact person for psychological interventions and, at the same time, as social media manager for the association's Facebook channel.

A diligent boy, very serious in appearance, but always ready to smile and make others smile. The perfect person to put your trust in. A "mind" at everyone's disposal.

"I see Maravì as an excellent opportunity to bring together many different practitioners and create a good synergy between different skills. I am sure that together with the project collaborators we will succeed in involving you in this feverish air of maravigghia."

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