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Roberta Raciti


Our creative 'eye'.

In charge of every aspect of Maravì's image. She is currently attending the Visual Communication Design course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania.

She graduated from the Liceo Linguistico and after completing an education devoted to perfecting her foreign languages, which also took her to France, she decided to embark on an individual career in the world of art and design, working on learning graphic design, illustration and page layout software and taking part in various exhibitions and art events for which she was also responsible for the design of graphic projects.

Over the years her professional engagements have ranged from designing brands for companies to creating choreographies for dance shows, because yes, you cannot describe Roberta without mentioning her. A discipline that not only completes, but also largely makes up, her eclectic personality and for which, over the course of a ten-year career, she has won awards at national level.

A lover of colours, shapes and able to play with both, Roberta has an enormous ability to design suitable for every situation and context. In our association, she is involved in almost everything. Her ideas act as fuel for the project and her words, always rational and well-founded, are indispensable for taking it forward.

Maravì and its activities, promotional and social appearances are just a few examples. 

Her passions and interests, such as art and cinema, combined with her exuberant manner and her inability to stand still, make Roberta an inexhaustible source of ideas and creativity, in perfect Maravì style. 


"The association's desire to combine art, craftsmanship, design, technology and artistic practices such as music, cinema and theatre, reminds me of the pioneering ideology of the Bauhaus.

The aim is to make this small reality of ours as close as possible to the historic school of art and design, on a professional level, but within the bounds of everyone's reach."

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