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Vittoria Torrisi

Vittoria's passion for dance began at the tender age of seven. A passion that accompanies her and that marks a decisive stage in her training. Her studies in Psychological Sciences and Techniques at the University of Catania enriched Vittoria's knowledge of the human mind, its deviations and its therapies. Combining these two fields, she decided to pursue a Master's degree in Dance Movement Therapy at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Her ongoing interest and commitment to dance has also made her a CSEN-accredited street dance instructor since March 2020.

Vittoria's training path has sculpted not only a professional and efficient figure, but above all a girl eager to help others and her community. Dance Movement Therapy, unfortunately, is still far from the recognition it deserves in Sicily. Vittoria, together with Maravì, aims to make this reality, which is as functional as it is artistically important, known and loved. With her positivity, exuberance and desire to do, we think it will not be too difficult.

Vittoria is the secretary of the association and manages and directs the Dance Movement Therapy and Street Dance classes.


"The communitarian and associative idea inherent in the heart of Maravì fascinated and captivated me from the very beginning: a network of young professionals working in synergy, dedicated to promoting their territory and ensuring that art and art therapy find their place, creating a fertile ground for every idea and capable of welcoming all that we can offer."

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