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via Nazionale per Catania 157b, Acireale - CAP 95024 


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Gianlorenzo Di Mauro

Born in 1980, in addition to his artistic studies (Liceo Artistico Acireale, Accademia di Belle Arti Milano-Catania) devotes himself to music, playing the bass guitar as a self-taught artist, and all facets of art restoration, once obtained a Master Degree in painting in 2005. From 2007 on he has been creating a house-studio-workshop in Acireale when he lives and works.


As a comic book artist, in 2016 he joined Mokapop group and Ronin collective, and from 2018 he collaborates with the Stormy portal (Beccogiallo).


In 2019, he published a short story on the 11th issue of the magazine "Scuola di fumetto" (NPE). He's soon going to publish a monograph for Oblò-ASP (2020).

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