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Linda Lamarca

Passionate about drawing at the age of 16, Linda began her career by attending a course in comics for three years. Parallel to her studies in philosophy, she continues to evolve and to experiment with new digital techniques. Lover of group work and collaborations with other artists, she believes in sharing ideas and mutual support.

Her works can be reached on social media under the signature “Dali Lama ”.



Imagining moments of daily life of friends or fictional characters intent on daily activities or simply relaxing in their little rooms. Crystallize these moments and create Illustrations that are as 'alive' as possible and close to the often intimate reality of the subjects portrayed.


Fan Art

Although not always dedicated to creating fan art, over time Linda has used this expedient as an exercise to learn and experiment with new techniques and styles; combining the study with a passion for these subjects and the worlds they come from.



For Linda it is always nice to be able to excite someone by showing them an external and often unexpected vision of herself. She likes to feel that whoever is portrayed is also reflected in the interpretation given to her characteristics and personality. The style chosen by the artist is a perfect union between realism and caricature, maintaining a fresh and colorful pictorial style.


Sketches and


The whole, inevitably, more numerous. Inside: storyboards, portraits, sets and much more.

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