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Laura Percolla


Born in Acireale, she was raised in an environment that directed her towards art from an early age. She studied painting for five years at the Academy of Belle Arti in Catania, where she explored various painting and illustration techniques, graduating with a project for an illustrated album.

She took part in various painting exhibitions linked to ABA and, as soon as she left the Academy, she illustrated an album for Arianna Edizioni, while continuing to design children's books.

At the same time as her academic studies, she continued to pursue her love of handicrafts, alongside the study of the properties of stones and, in collaboration with her partner, Gemme e Germogli was born, a small brand that combines various techniques linked to antiquity such as metalworking, macramé and leatherwork. This led her to travel around Sicily from fair to fair with a particular preference for medieval events and Buskers festivals, to which she feels particularly attached.

Laura is the main person responsible for bringing calm to our noisy organisational group. She is always ready to talk sense and put fairness and transparency first.

Within the Maravì association, as well as being vice-president, she is the point of reference for all aspects of painting, illustration and handicrafts.

"For me Maravì is a daydream, it is the chance to unite the many facets of creativity under one name, profoundly linked to our wonderful land, and thereby amaze all those who come in contact with it."

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