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via Nazionale per Catania 157b, Acireale - CAP 95024 


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Nando Siracusa


Venerando, known by everyone as Nando, grew up and studied in Acireale.

His energetic personality and creative nature led him to develop interests in many fields from an early age, from cooking to art.

After completing his studies, his professional path led him to relate to different jobs and types of public, developing more and more the "creative arrangement" of the handyman.

Skilled in manufacturing techniques, he and his partner Laura created "Gemme e Germogli", a small brand that combines various techniques linked to antiquity such as metalworking, macramé and leatherwork.

Not yet determined to put an end to his practical knowledge, Nando has currently embarked on a study of holistic practices, specialising in forms of therapy from all over the world such as Ayurveda (India) and Reiki (Japan).


"Maravì is the opportunity for our community to show how much WE ARTISTS are worth and how much we can give to the culture and development of the territory." 

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