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Art therapy

Faced with the word “arts” many individuals could be confused, the same ones who consider it c as something exclusive, inaccessible, if not for the lucky “artists ”. Art is

not this. Maravì considers art as a pure expression of self. A manifestation of one's soul and ideas that anyone can express through the right means.

Music therapy

The workshop focuses on the development and use of a paraverbal language inspired by the world of sounds, in order to implement a series of social dynamics that lead to personal and inner reflection.

Dance movement therapy

is a specialization in Psychotherapy that uses dance and movement. Through a playful and relaxed environment you will work to self-know your body, recognize its place in space and among others, on the qualities that characterize and make up movement and on the concept of relationship.

Body consciousness

The laboratory offers the possibility to discover your body through the search for the deep connection that binds body and mind, which it often escapes human rationality, and the deep relationship that our body has with others and with the external environment.



Participants will be engaged in the realization of works by learning the rudiments of the different painting techniques (tempera painting, acrylic painting, etc. …) and to express their ideas and emotions through focused verbal interviews on experience.



The workshops will follow different paths in the field of metal and leather processing and in the field of thread and macram è processing.

Graphic design

Maravì offers consulting services, graphic design for the visual and advertising communication of flyers, information leaflets, company brochures, company profile, infographics, cover and layout of books, catalogs, magazines, creation and restyling of brands and logos, corporate identity and brand guidelines.


Maravì offers subtitling services for a wide range of multimedia content: corporate films, commercial and/or advertising videos, music videos, personal videos, etc... 

We offer the possibility of editing content in English.


Communication is an essential component in any business environment, from private to corporate. Our copywriting service will take care of promotion (online and offline), compilation and editing of documents and revision of existing texts.



To provide greater visibility to anyone wishing to approach personalities outside Italy, Maravì offers a content translation service from Italian into English, and vice versa. All the rules of good translation and localisation will be followed perfectly, for complete linguistic accuracy.



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